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Disk Creation and imageing

On request I can write software install sets to floppys, all I ask for is a minamal fee to cover the cost of the disks (And the time it takes to image the disks). This service is only for Macintosh System Software install sets using the freely released apple images.

OS install sets:
7.0 / 7.0.1 1.4M: £10 (new Disks)
6.0.8 1.4M: £5 (New Disks)

800K Install Disks And 400k Boot Disks are available on request, But I don't keep these disks "stocked" So You'll have to email me for a price

If you are Interested please email me at: admin [at] max1zzz [dot] co [dot] uk

Prices exclude postage, I can post world wide, Please email me for a up to date quote.

Please note: No, I will not write <-Random piece of commercial softare-> to disks for you! So please don't ask me to. This service is only for writing Macintosh System Software Install sets to Disks using the images freely released by apple.




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